Echo Falls Blue Ribbon Reviews

Kiss Me Goodnight
Echo Falls, Book 3

Kiss Me Goodnight is an excellent contemporary romance with a bit of a suspense element. Ms. Colt created such believeable, intriguing characters that readers are sure to fall in love with. I sure did. Summer and Tom's story grabbed me by the heart and held on. Reading about such a family as Tom's kept a smile on my face. I loved this book and want to go back and find the others that belong in the Echo Falls Series. I hope that the author weaves more tales in this wonderful Texas town. My heart has been stolen by Echo Falls and it's charming people, but that's all right with me. I don't mind a bit! - Long and Short Reviews

"...but it was the romance of Tom and Summer that was most endearing. Each one of them had to learn to give up what they wanted in order to be together. Kiss Me Goodnight is a fantastic read filled with romance, small town charm and interesting characters. You will fall in love with Echo Falls and Kiss Me Goodnight
!" -Sizzling Hot Book Reviews

The Sweetheart Dance
Echo Falls Book 2

"Oh my God, I was so thrilled when I got this book and read that it was a sequel to The Daddy Spell.  Patti Ann Colt had me with the first book and enchanted me more in this beautiful tale.  Bret and Meg are perfect for each other yet they are both stubborn.  I loved that Meg is definitely all woman for Bret but he is cautious of his love.  Burned in the past and raised by terrible parents he is definitely cautious of Meg's affections.  What started as a not marrying kind of guy is making him realize that he might lose the best thing in his life.  I loved The Sweetheart Dance and can't wait for more of this author's works.  I loved that Patti Ann Colt brought back the whole family in this enchanting tale.  Great job, Patti!"  
Melinda, Night Owl Romances, 5-Star Read

"I loved every page of THE SWEETHEART DANCE and can't wait to read the Tom's story and other books about this family.  This book is a definite keeper that you'll enjoy the first time you read it and rereading it and dip in with all elements of a perfect romance:  a hot romance, a good mystery, and family seeing the couple through the rocky course of true love.  Patti Ann Colt has definitely aced with this book." 
Raakhee Suryaprakash, WRDF Reviews
, Top Read Excellence 

"The SWEETHEART DANCE is nothing less than magic, a true love story that has the trials of heartbreak, nosey family, pesky kids and vengeful brothers.  Meg and Bret are classic boy and girl next door characters and Ms. Colt has given such a wonderful story with the ebbs and angst that they face -- I love this book.  I hoe Ms. Colt takes us back to Echo Falls in the very, very near future.
Reviewed by jhayboy, Romance Junkies
, 4.5 Star Read 

"If you enjoy stories full of remarkable characters, smoking hot love scenes and an entertaining plot, you should give this book a try." 
Jacquelyn Ward, The Romance Studio
, 5-Heart Read

"In this wonderful story filled with great characters and an intriguing plot, a high school teacher and a copy find themselves drawn to one another as they work to solve the mystery involving a theft ring...I quickly fell in love with the town of Echo Falls and the family of Meg Applegate, a high school teacher who longs for police officer Bret Cara...The Sweetheart Dance is a wonderful story that I have no reservations about recommending.  The cast of interesting characters come together with an intriguing plot to make for one great read!" 
Lilac, Long and Short Reviews
, 5-Book Read

The Daddy Spell
Echo Falls Book 1
"I thoroughly enjoyed this story.  The twins, Lindy and Boo, are sweet, funny and just precocious enough to be believable.  Robin's wary view on life is directly attributable to the fact that everyone has used and abandoned her.  She doesn't believe in happy-ever-after.  Chad is such a solid, good man with deep family ties and quirky, but fun relatives.  He is attracted to Robin, but falls in love with her girls first, and knows he has to prove to Robin that he isn't going to leave her.  He is the stuff of "happy-ever-after" and i wanted to tell Robin to believe.  And, I have to admit:  I got the sniffles, just a bit, at the end.  If you're looking for a good autumn romance, I highly recommend giving  The Daddy Spell a try."
Poppy, Long and Short Reviews, 4-Book Read 

"Ms. Colt had done a wonderful job of telling this entertaining story without bogging it down with too many details.  When Robin and Chad first meet, the tension is immediately present and continues to grow throughout the story until it culminates to a very satisfying finale.  The sexual chemistry between Chad and Robin is intense and immediate.  Despite the unattractive situation, they find themselves in, they just can't stop the chemistry that explodes between them.  Once Robin is able to get over her pride and allow Chad and his family to help her and the girls more, you begin to see that there is more to her than just a great mother.  If you enjoy stories full of entertaining characters, human and animal, loads of sexual tension and sensuality, and an entertaining plot, this is one book you shouldn't miss."
Jacquelyn R. Ward, The Romance Studio, 5-Heart Read 

"This was a wonderfully charming and sweet story from beginning to end!  The twins are adorable.  Robin is lovely and understandably cautious.  The hardest thing is she cannot believe in a happily-ever-after for herself.  Chad is kind, hard working and male!  He falls for the cute pixie twins but isn't beyond staring Robin's set T-shirt when they first meet!  The chemistry and tension is good and the sex scenes are "making love" scenes.  This is a wonderfully sweet romance that can be read in under three hours."
MarthaE, The Book Reporter