Parson Corners

Parson Corners, Colorado
 Where red hot romances meet cold Rocky Mountain nights

Parson Corners:  The Murphy Brothers - Book #1
The Rock Star's Sheriff
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Pop diva LLeia Shae ventured forth from small town America and made herself a superstar. After fifteen years of stardom, she’s hollow and lost – so lost that her clash with the law outside Parson Corners, Colorado launches her into a quest for a place to belong. Sheriff Zach Murphy has a pre-teen rebellious daughter, a meddling family and a wary wounded soul. When Leia crashes into his life, she batters the walls Zach’s built to protect himself. When his former flame and the media descend on his town digging for scandal on the rock star, how will Zach choose? Should he protect his hard-won stability or dare he stand by sexy, loving Leia and risk his heart?


"Colt gives us another great cast of small town brothers to begin matching up.  Bundle up for Colorado snow and bring your cocoa for Rock Star's Sheriff, although after Leia and Zach meet, it's a wonder any snow is left!"  -Kelly McCrady, Author of The Empire's Edge, TWRP

"The Rock Star’s Sheriff is a well written novel with a realistic storyline and engaging characters. Zach and Leia’s relationship slowly evolves from friendship to love over time. Zach’s daughter, Carlee, is a typical pre-teen who is adorable unless she is being moody, angry and pouty. While Carlee and Zach share some pretty heart melting scenes, they also have the normal father/daughter battles and arguments. The interactions between Zach and his brothers are filled with good natured teasing and affection. Ms. Colt brings the town of Parson Corners vividly to life with an eclectic cast of colorful and caring characters. The Rock Star’s Sheriff is an absolutely charming story that pulls the reader deep into the heart of the Murphy family. And luckily for us, it is the first installment of Patti Ann Colt’s new series, Parson Corners. I am eagerly anticipating the stories Ms. Colt has planned for Zach’s brothers Beau, Wyatt and Ryder!"  - Book Reviews and More by Kathy