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The Defenders A Spark of Luck 07182023.jpg

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Dateline: September 2018


   U.S. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Travis Hunter sustains a leg injury on a mission in Afghanistan, and he’s lucky a spirited Army doctor undertakes his care. Sparks fly the minute she touches him, stirring intense awareness, except her reticence matches his own. Back on his feet from her skillful care, his self-protective instincts crumble against an overpowering urge to keep her close – with cookie deliveries, chats between missions, and a blind eye to bad timing.

   Captain Cait Michaels has firm rules about conduct during deployment. She will not succumb to the stress and pressure of combat medicine by doing something stupid like getting naked with a spec ops warrior – no matter how Hunt’s solid presence soothes or how sweet his attention becomes. With two different careers, two different commands, and an unfathomable threat matrix, they’re going in opposite directions.

   Then in the dark of midnight, one kiss, one fiery moment, changes everything. Difficulties be damned. The mission still comes first…or does it?

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