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Echo Falls, Texas

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The Daddy Spell Adj New Design 5182022.jpg
Revised The Sweetheart Dance 06102023.jpg
Kiss Me Goodnight Updated 2 2024 01122024.jpg
Reading Order

1    The Daddy Spell

1.5 Christmas Magic

2.0 The Sweetheart Dance

3.0  Kiss Me Goodnight

3.5  A Winter Romance

4.0  Boo & Lindy's Matchmaking Adventure 

5.0 Canyon Hearts

6.0 Smitten

6.5 A Wedding to Remember

7.0 Hexed

8.0 Blessed 

9.0 Canyon Rescue (Coming in 2024)


A Winter Romance New Adobe 02052024.jpg
New B&L Matchmaking Adventure 07042021.jpg
Canyon Hearts 09122022 NEW.jpg
Smitten Colored 05092022.jpg
Hexed Colored 05092022.jpg
A Wedding To Remember 01132022.jpg
Blessed Colored 05092022.jpg
The Boxed Set EF updated 06082022.jpg


+ Christmas Magic (Chad & Robin's Wedding)


+ Echo Falls Texas Boxed Set (Includes The Daddy Spell with Christmas Magic, The Sweetheart Dance, Kiss Me Goodnight)

Parson Corners, Colorado

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Rock Star's Sheriff New Cover Corrected 02132022.jpg
Reading Order

1    The Rock Star's Sheriff

The Defenders

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Reading Order
The Defenders A Spark of Luck 07182023.jpg
The Defenders Lucky Charm 06102023.jpg

.5   A Spark of Luck 

       (A prequel to Lucky Charm)

 1    Lucky Charm 

 2    Luck Be Mine (Coming in 2024)


They serve and protect.
They stand and deliver.
They honor and cherish,
And they commit and love 

with honesty and passion -
putting their lives and hearts on the line.
Meet the men and women who defend...
our country, our cities, our people.
The Defenders

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