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Echo Falls, Texas

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The Daddy Spell Adj New Design 5182022.jpg
Revised The Sweetheart Dance 06102023.jpg
Kiss Me Goodnight Updated 09042023.jpg
Reading Order

1    The Daddy Spell

1.5 Christmas Magic

2.0 The Sweetheart Dance

3.0  Kiss Me Goodnight

3.5  A Winter Romance

4.0  Boo & Lindy's Matchmaking Adventure 

5.0 Canyon Hearts

6.0 Smitten

6.5 A Wedding to Remember

7.0 Hexed

8.0 Blessed 


New A Winter Romance 07042021.jpg
New B&L Matchmaking Adventure 07042021.jpg
Canyon Hearts 09122022 NEW.jpg
Smitten Colored 05092022.jpg
Hexed Colored 05092022.jpg
A Wedding To Remember 01132022.jpg
Blessed Colored 05092022.jpg
The Boxed Set EF updated 06082022.jpg


Echo Falls Texas Boxed Set (Includes The Daddy Spell with Christmas Magic, The Sweetheart Dance, Kiss Me Goodnight)

Parson Corners, Colorado

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Rock Star's Sheriff New Cover Corrected 02132022.jpg
Reading Order

1    The Rock Star's Sheriff

The Defenders

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The Defenders A Spark of Luck 07182023.jpg
The Defenders Lucky Charm 06102023.jpg
Reading Order

.5   A Spark of Luck 

       (A prequel to Lucky Charm)

       November 14th

1    Lucky Charm 

      November 14th

Copper Canyon, Texas

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NEW Cowboy's Heart 08282023.jpg
NEW Cowboy's Hope 08282023.jpg
Reading Order

1    Cowboy's Heart  

2    Cowboy's Hope

Reissue Coming in 2024

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