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Private pilot Laurel Beck tells herself she has come back to Echo Falls to visit her estranged father. The real truth stings. She has nowhere else to go.


A vagabond like her mother, she’s never had a home. This small Texas town defines a revered ideal so far from the reality of her experiences, the niceness wounds her. Regardless, she needs an escape from the demands of her cargo flight business and a rest from raw memories – the loss of love, unrelenting danger flying in the California fires, and the death of friends. If she’s off her game, only she knows.


Rand Caldwell lives a down-to-earth life as the guy everybody depends on. At times he chafes against that reality, but his commitments matter to him, especially the one he’s made to the community. When ex-flame Laurel lands back in town, he fears being burned again. She lives by the whim of the wild blue yonder and doesn't invest in the grounded practicality that defines his existence. Too bad she has his heart. This time she’s missing all her fire and sass, and she's hiding it. Reluctant, but smitten still, he’s driven to help her.


With no choice but to let down her ragged defenses, Laurel confronts painful truths about family, love and belonging. She must teach herself to believe in Rand’s hand in hers, the magic of Echo Falls, and a place to call home.  

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