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The Sweetheart Dance

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Although Echo Falls high school teacher Meg Applegate aches to belong to Bret Cara body and soul, he maintains a hands-off policy. She is wife material and violates his no relationship philosophy based on years with combative parents. But when a practical joker spikes Meg’s drinks at the Valentine’s Day Sweetheart Dance, Bret comes to her rescue – and she astounds him with a hot, sensual kiss. Assisting the police department in tracking teen felons, Meg takes the opportunity to snag the handsome cop’s attention and they launch an affair based on Bret’s ‘no strings’ rules. But each searing encounter conflicts with her beliefs and dreams. She cannot maintain their bargain forever, but despite making love he seems no closer to giving her what she needs. When Meg’s conscience demands more from him, will Bret walk away or deliver his heart?

Praises for The Sweetheart Dance


"Oh my God, I was so thrilled when I got this book and read that it was a sequel to The Daddy Spell.  Patti Ann Colt had me with the first book and enchanted me more in this beautiful tale.  Bret and Meg are perfect for each other yet they are both stubborn.  I loved that Meg is definitely all woman for Bret but he is cautious of his love.  Burned in the past and raised by terrible parents he is definitely cautious of Meg's affections.  What started as a not marrying kind of guy is making him realize that he might lose the best thing in his life.  I loved The Sweetheart Dance and can't wait for more of this author's works.  I loved that Patti Ann Colt brought back the whole family in this enchanting tale.  Great job, Patti!"  Melinda, Night Owl Romances, 5-Star Read 

"I loved every page of THE SWEETHEART DANCE and can't wait to read the Tom's story and other books about this family.  This book is a definite keeper that you'll enjoy the first time you read it and rereading it and dip in with all elements of a perfect romance:  a hot romance, a good mystery, and family seeing the couple through the rocky course of true love.  Patti Ann Colt has definitely aced with this book." Raakhee Suryaprakash, WRDF Reviews, Top Read Excellence 

"The SWEETHEART DANCE is nothing less than magic, a true love story that has the trials of heartbreak, nosey family, pesky kids and vengeful brothers.  Meg and Bret are classic boy and girl next door characters and Ms. Colt has given such a wonderful story with the ebbs and angst that they face -- I love this book.  I hoe Ms. Colt takes us back to Echo Falls in the very, very near future.Reviewed by jhayboy, Romance Junkies, 4.5 Star Read 

"If you enjoy stories full of remarkable characters, smoking hot love scenes and an entertaining plot, you should give this book a try." Jacquelyn Ward, The Romance Studio, 5-Heart Read

"In this wonderful story filled with great characters and an intriguing plot, a high school teacher and a copy find themselves drawn to one another as they work to solve the mystery involving a theft ring...I quickly fell in love with the town of Echo Falls and the family of Meg Applegate, a high school teacher who longs for police officer Bret Cara...The Sweetheart Dance is a wonderful story that I have no reservations about recommending.  The cast of interesting characters come together with an intriguing plot to make for one great read!" Lilac, Long and Short Reviews, 5-Book Read 

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