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The Defenders: Book 1
The Defenders Lucky Charm 06102023.jpg

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Dateline: November 2019

   A lethal warrior and resolute defender of his country, U.S. Navy SEAL Lieutenant Travis Hunter has trained hard to be the weapon that stands against evil. While family, home, and love are not part of his personal objectives, he uses his expertise to protect those values for others. After a fiery one-night stand months ago, his current Afghanistan mission leads him back to the same woman – the only one to ever breach his defenses.

   A skilled U.S. Army trauma surgeon, Cait Michaels fights for the wounded in the deadly reality of a war zone. Her third tour of Afghanistan includes an unexpected humanitarian mission to save a local child. With Hunt’s SEAL team, she enters a mountainous area to provide the needed medical care. Unknowingly dropped into a precarious intelligence situation, Cait makes a chance observation that jeopardizes her life.

   With Cait center-point to a violent terrorist agenda, Hunt explores every clue to unravel the treachery surrounding her. Unleased, their emotions run deep. Sometimes danger can only be overcome by steadfast loyalty, love, and a lucky charm.

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