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A painful loss…

An abandoned baby…

A surprise sister…

    After four years of marriage, Meg Cara despairs of ever having a family of her own. Repeated miscarriages drain her of the ability to face each day with her former zeal. Unthinkably, a baby is abandoned at an Echo Falls church mere weeks before Christmas. Meg and her police officer husband agree to foster the child.

    Bret Cara buries his own suffering to nurture his wife, but her despair challenges even his tender care. When Bret’s teenage half-sister arrives at the door – a sibling he did not know about – everything he thinks he knows about his past and his parents shatters. He needs Meg and the Applegate family more than ever.

    Amid an Echo Falls Christmas season filled with traditions, love, and hope, the Caras search for the baby’s mother and face the truth of Bret’s family while coping with their loss. Through it all, they must rebuild their commitment to the community, their loved ones, and each other.


Trigger Warning: While the actual event is NOT written in real time, recovery from miscarriage is an underlying issue in this book. If you recently struggled through a similar event, please note I’m sending deep regards and I understand when some books need to be avoided for your mental wellness.

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