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Boo & Lindy's Matchmaking Adventure

New B&L Matchmaking Adventure 07042021.jpg

Boo and Lindy Applegate are worried about the sadness in their first grade teacher's eyes. Banned from using pumpkin magic, they ask Santa for someone special to be Miss Day's friend. Kissing her would be good, too.

Fireman Adam Caldwell moved back home to be near his family and serve the Echo Falls Fire Department. A loss in the fire station poker game places Adam in charge of answering the towns’ “Dear Santa” letters. All the requests prove simple to answer, except one. In a dilemma, Adam sets out to learn more about “Miss Day.” A chance encounter with Boo and Lindy fosters Adam’s need to befriend the teacher. 

Juliette Day's fiancée abandoned her at the altar and disappeared with her sister. Now Juliette's off the commitment market until she can heal from the pain and humiliation. But she is enticed by Adam and their charming Christmas date. Over the next few months, his faithful presence, thoughtful courtship and steamy kisses push her to rethink her decision to stay alone. How can she resolve her deep-seated anger over the betrayal and give Adam the unfettered forever love he’s asking for?

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