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Reissue Coming Soon

JESS O’HARE has loved Amy Rose Adams since high school. He may be a successful rancher in Copper Canyon, Texas, but a shiny new truck and a new cowboy hat doesn’t change the dirt under his nails. Standing in the way between him and his sweetheart are her wealthy parents with exacting expectations. Family horse ranch aside, their defined path will lead his love away to a work and social life he can't live.

Law graduate AMY ROSE ADAMS has fought her her own identity her whole life. Only with Jess, and in Copper Canyon, can she be herself. But for years, she’s worked to hold the balance between her parents and Jess, wanting to lose neither. When a fight with Jess leads to an ultimatum – his road or her father’s goals for her future – it echoes a similar fight with her parents. Severing her relationship with her parents tears at her sense of family, but losing Jess will wreck her soul. A compromise is vital, but two stubborn men and fate challenge every option. Not willing to sacrifice either side, Amy Rose must forge a between path based on respect, family, and love.

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