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NEW Cowboy's Hope 08282023.jpg

Reissue Coming 2025

Pastry chef KENDRA DAWSON moves to Copper Canyon, Texas to rebuild her life after her millionaire father is arrested for embezzlement.  Her raw wounds won’t let anyone past her professional persona, even a sexy talking man. Fireman Shane O’Hare quit rodeo after a devastating accident crippled a friend.  Unable to accept his role in the man’s injury, Shane exists in a self-imposed lonely place. Once the beguiling Kendra falls in his path, Shane reconciles to lone wolves needing sweets, too.


But he shields Kendra from his nosy family, who will spill his cowboy truths. When Kendra lands a dessert contract with his family’s bar, Shane faces the need to trust her and resolves to divulge his guilty story.  Wildfires, dodging family, and intimate nights keep him silent until a simple errand blows his secrets. Shane’s lies desolate Kendra, who retreats to her kitchen to nurse now deeper wounds. With no choice left, Shane reveals his past, despairing she will ever understand his failures.  Her love would be the sweetest pledge.  Winning back his sweetheart’s fragile trust is this cowboy's only hope.

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